RHOOC: Heather Dubrow on Sophistication…

“I love it!”

Nothing says sophistication like plastic balls covered in chrome Krylon shoved into a glass box with a bunch of hot pink hydrangeas.

Poor Heather, just another one of those girls from upstate New York (or Pennsylvania or Ohio or New Jersey) who goes to California after college, gets some money and knows she’ll never quite fit into the Manhattan scene.

Honestly I really don’t get what the big deal is or why translpanted midwestern/east coast women waste so much time trying to make everyone on the west coast think they’re the epitome of the upper east side when they know they’d never even qualify for a condo there (and not for lack of money…).

Who gives a shit, but it’s one of those things that’s so stupid important to the middle class over there, to make other people believe that they’re a part of a world that they’ll never see.

Instead of being herself and making her own scene, Heather spent an entire season making an ass out of herself on the west coast trying too hard to look ‘sophisticated’…except, unfortunately, most ppl on the west coast eat that shit up so she really didn’t have to try half as hard as she did.

I’d rather hear about Alexis’ childbirth (not really, but if I had the choice, yeah, unless hot pokers was another option, I’d definately take hot pokers over both parties…or a night on a bed of nails, yeah) than be caught dead at a party where the hostess decides to turn a champagne toast into diamond roulette.

I would have politely taken a sip after the toast, set my glass down on a roving tray and walked out hoping to heck that I wasn’t caught in some group shot celebrating the schtick.  Heather, sweetheart, parties are for fun.

There’s nothing fun about being ambushed by a gimmick.  Stop acting the way you read in some book (probably something by Paul Fussell) that rich and sophisticated people are supposed to act  and just chill out and have some fun, seriously.


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